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Short / Long Term Rentals

= Item can be RENTED short term, subject to availability


Rentals - Transport Chair
Rentals - Transport Chair
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Power Chair
Mobility Rentals
Transport Chairs

Lightweight and strong. Easily folds for convenient storage and transportation.

Short / Long Term Rentals
Manual Wheelchairs

Customized to the user and available in a variety of styles. Bariatric chairs available. Can be self-propelled.

Power Wheelchairs

Electric chairs with a controller on the armrest that allows user to easily maneuver. 

Tilt/Recline Wheelchairs

Allows for change of positioning and enables pressure to be redistributed over a larger surface area.

Mobility Rentals
Foam Cushions

Deep contoured, high-density molded foam base.

Various sizes.

Roho Cushion
Roho Cushions

High profile, typically for pressure relief.

Various and limited sizes available.


Mobility Rentals
Short / Long Term Rentals


Mobility Aid, Walker
Short / Long Term Rentals

Lightweight and strong, our collator easily folds for convenient storage and transportation - available in a variety of styles and sizes. 

Mobility Aid, Walker
2-in-1 Transport Chair + Rollator

A rollator with the ability to convert easily into an "occasional use" transport chair.

Aluminum Folding Walkers

Available with our without wheels & rear skis.

Height is adjustable. 

Short / Long Term Rentals
Knee Scooter

Innovative and stylish alternative to crutches, ideal for those who are recovering from knee and foot injuries.

Mobility Rentals
Short / Long Term Rentals
A-Frame Walker

(Hemi Walker) Ideal for individuals with the use of only one hand or arm or those who need a wider base for support. 

Mobility Rentals
Short / Long Term Rentals
Platform Attachments

For those who are unable to grip - attaches to crutches or standard walker.

Mobility Rentals


Canes & Crutches
Mobility Rentals
Offset Canes

Ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and security​. Height adjustable.​

Short / Long Term Rentals
Short / Long Term Rentals
Quad Base Canes

Four point base provides additional stability. Height adjustable.

Short / Long Term Rentals
Underarm Crutches
Mobility Rentals
Forearm Crutches

Comfortable and lighter than wood. Provides stability and durability. Variable sizes available, height adjustable.

Great for long term users. Provides more flexibility than underarm crutches. Takes pressure off the wrist.



Lightweight and easy to disassemble makes traveling with a scooter a breeze.

Folding Travel Scooters
Power wheelchair
Mid Sized Scooters

Compact in size and ideal for indoor/outdoor use.  

Power Wheelchair
Large Scooters

Ideal for users who want superior performance and functionality from their scooter.

Power Chair
Scooter Accessories

Canopies, baskets, oxygen holders, cane holders and more. Availability subject to scooter model.

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